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hello every body. 
today i'm gonna tell you how to find your lost iPhone.
here is very important notice:
So to answer this question that "what can I do, when I lost my iPhone?" I should say first be careful.
you were not always lucky and the point is this method will not always work.
so first step keep in your mind if you lost your identifications or other important docs of yourself you were in bad Condition now even worth.
so let's begin to finding your iPhone for FREE.

How to trace and find your Lost iphone for free?

I lost my iPhone recently in Geneva. it was a 3G iPhone with 16GB of Memory.
I search a lot to find a solution to somehow trace that. finally I got a very very amazing answer for that.
if you have an iPhone right now go to and sign up for My iPhone Location service. it's really great to have it, because when you lost that you can easily find location of your phone.
for who didn't have that service and lost their phone there is one chance to find them. go and sign up for Mobileme trial account. there you can find a future to locate your stolen or lost iPhone and remotely clear all your personal information. In addition to that this service gives you an amazing trick to send a message to your lost phone and then after play a sound or beep by your iPhone. in this way you Can easily find your iPhone and Bammmm... you save at least 600$.
try that those are great ways that I found through Internet.
I will update more information whenever I found new things.
have fun

How can I find my IMEL just with iTune?   helloguys, Continuing from my previous descusion in : iphone Forum  here I'm going to tell you how can find your IMEL from iTune  before you should know that to this method works you should at least connnect your iphone to your computer once(obviously).  to find your IMEL in your iTunes go to Edite and then Preferences and then under Devices tab you can find your lateset iPhone backup. the good thing of iTunes is you can just hover over the name of your backup device, and Bamm...…  that's it. you can see your serial number and IMEL of your devices right there in the pop up tips.

Why I should concern my IMEL?

 if you left  your iPhone for repairing or if you lost your iPhone and then find that you need to have your IMEL.

 always be carefull about the label that you will get after each repair. put those label which are the new serial and IMEL of yiour new device on your old box of iPhone. you may be asked to bring that box in case of any unclearance.


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